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Thread: 4 month growth for Nhandu Chromatus

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    Default 4 month growth for Nhandu Chromatus



    February: Time for a new home. The coconut in the picture is as big as the container before. I was worried I was re-housing too soon but it just caused a big growth spurt.


    April (now):

    Ps: it is generally recommended to not use wet sponges as they can be a breeding ground for mould, I used cut up sponges as homes for my slings but kept them dry of course and they worked a treat...

    Ps2: whenever mould appeared on a branch or the coconut, I found the best way of cleaning it was to get a cotton bud, soak it is cider vinegar and then swab away the mould. The cider vinegar is safe to use around your spider and it prevents any more mould growing on that spot.
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