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Thread: Cyphonisia sp Silver Trapdoor spider (Male)

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    Default Cyphonisia sp Silver Trapdoor spider (Male)

    Here is a very rare sight . My Silver Trapdoor Spider was out last night wandering. Upon closer inspection he has bulbs so he is a male and is wandering looking for a mate. If anyone has a female i would be willing to loan him out for 50/50 on the slings .

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    ahh too bad Matthew, my girl died for some reason...
    i'm sure others got them too, though. worth asking Lee maybe
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    We have a trapdoor, bought it as a Silver leg trapdoor, i have tried to get her ID'd but with no avail

    If i was certain they were the same species, i could have been up for the challenge.

    Hes a lovely looking lad though
    Got a fair few adult females so now on the look out for some males, for a 50/50 on slings

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