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Thread: tarantula v tarantula hawk

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    Default tarantula v tarantula hawk

    Hi everyone, i was wondering if there has been any extended field research
    done on the tarantula's defensive/counter attack success against the
    tarantula hawk wasp?
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    maybe something to start with:
    • COSTA, F. G., F. PÉREZ-MILES & A. MIGNONE (2004): Pompilid Wasp Interactions with Burrowing Tarantulas: Pepsis cupripennis versus Eupalaestrus weijenberghi and Acanthoscurria suina (Araneae, Theraphosidae). Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment **(**): **-** (7 pages).
    • LOURENÇO, W. R. (1979): Un noveau cas de parasitisme de Notocyphus tyrannicus SMITH, sur une mygale: Pamphobeteus sp. Rev. Nordest. Biol. 2(1/2): 97-104.
    • NUNN, S. C. (2001): Spider Wasps In Australia. Forum Magazine of the American Tarantula Society (Net Version) 10(3): 3-4.
    • PASSMORE, L. (1936): Tarantula and tarantula hawk. Nat. Mag. 27(3): 155-159.
    • REGRO, F. N. A. A., C. A. RHEIMS & E. M. VENTICINQUE (2004): Notes on the predation of an aviculariinae spider (Araneae: Theraphosidae, Avicularia sp.) by Pepsis frivaldszkyi (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) in brazilian amazonia. British Tarantula Society Journal 20(1): 18-25.

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    Default tarantula v tarantula hawk

    Many thanks Martin,
    Although Im an amateur, i've researched various aspects of spider behaviour including the evolutionary struggle between wasp and spider.
    However, my collection of research papers were destroyed in a house fire
    in the 70's.
    Of cousre, it's time consuming as your aware! so Im retired now and taking off where I left off.
    Passmore and Petrunkevitch, Im afraid I found unsatisfactory, especially
    The best piece of research I came across was Professor Borrilidae of
    South Africa which I will try and reseach again.
    I've made a written note of the papers you quote and once again,
    thankyou for your kind assistance, Alan.

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