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    Default Euathlas truculentis

    Last night i finally got round to pairing up my MM truculentis that matured earlier this year with the female Elaine Ross gave me at the BTS.

    i was worried she was a bit too young, but thought i'd try.

    after some initial circling the tub and trying to get out, with no hint of any aggression towards each other, i noticed the male tap.

    interestingly, he tapped like my MM A aberrans...with his first pair of legs, rather than his pedipalps. the tap was a single strong SMACK. it was not an aggressive motion at all, to head off that argument.

    the female was obviously interested, and kept approaching him.

    eventually, she started drumming back, and they approached each other.

    they had a rather sweet heavy petting session, and then got down to business

    at first she was on the side, propping herself with a couple legs on the substrate, but the male lifted her so she was half hanging onto the side and the other side in mid air! things went well, but inevitably she slipped. however, this didn't put either of them off, they just carried on.

    it was a really peaceful and amicable mating. the female broke away though the male appeared to still be interested (unusual lol), so i'll put them together again soon.

    hopefully the other MM i got from Elaine can go with the other female, but she desperately needs a moult first (the spider, not Elaine).

    of course, i won't be rearing anything from this, as all my truculentis are off to live with Emily Nicholls soon, so it'll be up to her to provide info on eggsacs etc, if we're lucky enough to get that far!
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    Best of luck with them you lot

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    Glad the mating went well And of course I will update with any eggsacs/moults etc!

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    good luck james, i hope all goes well



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