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    Date female moulted last

    Date male matured

    Last mating date

    Mating behaviour
    very gentle as i expected from all the 'communal behaviour' noted from other hobbyists.
    The male was left in the enclosure until he died from unknown reasons at the beginning of March

    Tank conditions and temperatures before mating
    Temperatures around 25C with humidity around 60-70%.

    Feeding schedule before mating
    The female a juvenile dubia roach every one to two weeks prior to mating. She has never been a big eater

    Tank conditions and temperatures after mating
    Temperatures around 27C with humidity around 80-85%, raised to this by soaking the substrate to saturation and then no more water added or given up until the eggsac was laid

    Feeding schedule after mating
    1 juvenile Dubia cockroach per week for around 8 weeks

    Date eggsac produced

    Date eggsac removed/hatched

    Development times of nymphs

    Total number of spiderlings

    Additional notes

    pairing video link
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 426807_10151369655775106_552370105_23228133_1928856411_n.jpg  
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