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Thread: A couple good surprises

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    Default A couple good surprises

    Psalmopoeus irminia
    I thought she ate her eggsac but when I looked closer I found out why she dumped the extra webbing in her dish.

    Eupalaestrus campestratus
    At a recent expo I was quickly walking past a booth when I caught a glimpse of a cage containing a large spider I thought I could use for a breeding project. The show was busy and I was in a hurry so I didn't fight the crowd to inspect the spider further. I asked my wife to grab the spider if it looked healthy when she had a moment. Turns out the spider was very healthy….and gravid. Within 10 days she dropped an eggsac. And it was good!

    This is the eggsac being used in my facebook contest going on from 1/31/13 to 2/4/13!

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    Congratulations! P.irminia, I'm jealous. Great pictures too.
    Devoted tarantula enthusiast & Future M.balfouri specialist.



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