I don't post here often (never!) but felt compelled to say a big thank you to Angela and Ray Hale for all those years of hard work organising 'our' wonderful Exhibition. Through their efforts countless new friends have been made, many species of tarantula have been introduced and consequently bred and great knowledge has been developed by hobbyists as a result. People walk into the show, buy spiders and walk out again but the logistics behind it are considerable. The physical effort expended by the Hales and their team is considerable. In short the hobby would still be in the dark ages were it not for the exhibition. It is a UK show but truly International. Long may it continue.

Now Ray and Angela can have a well earned rest but I doubt they will be reclining in the chair any time soon. May I be so bold as to say on behalf of traders and customers everywhere THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all you have done. We'll see you at the next show we hope - you might even have a table - now wouldn't that be funny!

Carl and Susan Portman