Breeding report Pelinobius muticus: Successful
Possibly the first successful breeding in South Africa.
Date mated: Around April/May 2013 I would guess. No inserts were seen and she ate 2 males in the process. Males would tap and vibrate their third leg which got the female drumming back. The female would come out of the burrow and lift up ready to mate and as soon as the males tried to insert she would eat them.  Obviously one of the males managed to get a quick insert in though.
Date dropped: 18 July 2013. No idea on humidity, but temperature around 21 degrees celcius. Female was given no cooling/warming period and dropped with no additional flooding.

Date pulled: 19 July 2013. The female tore the sac down and was walking all over it, so decided to pull it. At this stage I still thought there was no insert, so the sac would be a dud, but incubated it anyway. Here is the makeshift incubator:

I would lift the sac twice a day and try and move the eggs around inside it. The sac was not opened till day 21.
EWL: 12 August 2013. Was just about giving up hope when a few finally emerged.

1st instar: 28 August 2013

2nd instar: 26 September 2013. Finally moulted to 2nd instar.

There were around 150 eggs to start off with, but only around 50 developed to EWL. The rest looked different to those that developed and pretty sure they were unfertilized. I suspect this may be because of the very quick insert as other muticus matings that I have heard of seem to take a minute or 2, whereas this must have been quicker than a pokie. Looks like around 40 will make it to 2nd instar. Not a huge haul, but very pleased anyway.