Hi all,

Well I've gone and done it... I've booked the Ferry for May, I'm actually getting to go to this years BTS Exhibition!! I couldn't go last year and I was gutted!

This will be my first time going so I'm really excited & can't wait (and yes... I know it's only January) to experience it, not to mention pick up some nice 'T's!!

I have a few questions... If anyone can give me an answer it would be very much appreciated, so thank you in advance..

1) The Exhibition starts at 11:00am, what are the queues like & how early should I arrive?
2) Is it necessary to preorder from sellers?
3) Do sellers mind holding on to your purchases for you until the end of the Exhibition & what are the pros and cons of doing this?

Any other advice and or tips would be most welcome

Thanks again,