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  1. "New" species of Haplopelma & Ornithoctonus
  2. >>>New Poecilotheria species<<<
  3. Oligoxystre revised
  4. Phormictopus Revision
  5. Chaetopelma & Nesiergus revision
  6. +10 million year old tarantula
  7. BTS Journal taxonomy paper downloads
  8. New African taxonomy paper out
  9. New Genus and 6 new species
  10. Bonnetina alagoni sp. nov.
  11. Grammostola andreleetzi sp. nov.
  12. new genus Kochiana; & Kochiana brunnipes new. comb.
  13. Revision Ephebopus + Ephebopus foliatus sp. nov. + Aviculariinae
  14. Cubanana gen. nov., Cubanana cristinae sp. nov.
  15. Brachypelma kahlenbergi sp. nov.
  16. a new subfamily: Sinurticantinae
  17. Psalmopoeus reduncus vs. P. maya
  18. Pamphobeteus crassifemur sp. nov. & P. grandis sp. nov.
  19. revalidisation and revision of the genus Magulla
  20. revision of Tmesiphantes
  21. Guyruita gen. nov. and two new species
  22. Cyriocosmus perezmilesi sp. nov.
  23. Revision of the theraphosid spiders from China
  24. Paraphysa riparia sp. nov.
  25. At last! Indian Tarantulas on IUCN Red List.
  26. study: habitat use by Ephebopus murinus
  27. revision: Chaetopelma and Nesiergus
  28. Description: Bonnetina alagoni from Mexico
  29. Redescription: Iridopelma seladonium
  30. Oligoxystre diamantinensis sp. nov.
  31. Annandaliella ernakulamensis sp. nov.
  32. study: Chemically mediated burrow recognition in Brachypelma vagans
  33. Ph. D. dissertation: HAMILTON, D. E. (2008)
  34. HAMILTON 2008: Thamnophis marcianus vs. Aphonopelma hollyi
  35. Appendage patterning in Acanthoscurria geniculata
  36. Changes to the nomenclature of some Grammostola species
  37. Onychophora feeding on theraphosids
  38. Spiderling emergence in Grammostola mollicoma
  39. Aphonopelma in Arkansas
  40. article: Mutualism in Ramanella nagaoi and Poecilotheria species from Sri Lanka
  41. article: Foelix et al. (2009): urticating hairs of Ephebopus cyanognathus
  42. ISSR as molecular markers to study genetic diversity in tarantulas
  43. Article on Haplopelma lividum venom
  44. Thrigmopoeus truculentus 2009 paper
  45. Notes on the Taxonomic placement of some Eurypelma sp
  46. Hapalopus aymara
  47. Avicularia diversipes, Avicularia sooretama sp. nov. & Avicularia gamba sp. nov.
  48. Nhandu tripepii is a senior synonym of Nhandu vulpinus
  49. Revalidating the taxonomic position of the Indian Ischnocolus spp.
  50. Pterinochilus raygabrieli sp. nov. & P. andrewsmithi sp. nov.
  51. new species: Cyriocosmus pribiki sp. nov. & C. rogerioi sp. nov.
  52. Silk production from tarantula feet questioned
  53. Spiderling emergence in the tarantula Grammostola mollicoma
  54. Anaphylactic Reaction to a Spider Bite in a Dog
  55. Palpal urticating hairs in the tarantula Ephebopus
  56. Why are some tarantulas blue?
  57. Tarantula Venom Peptides (G. rosea)
  58. Ocular Urticating hairs
  59. Tarantula parasites
  60. Molecular Diversity of Spider Venom
  61. article: revision of the genus Lyrognathus
  62. Avicularia juruensis spider silk
  63. new genus: Agnostopelma
  64. article: An unusual setule on type IV urticating setae
  65. Venom components from Citharischius crawshayi spider
  66. [Monograph] West & Nunn: Revision of the genus Coremiocnemis
  67. [Article] Herzig & Hodgson: Intersexual variations in Coremiocnemis tropix venom
  68. [ShortComm] Siliwal & Raven: Taxonomic change of two Haploclastus species
  69. African taxonomy paper out - name changes galore!
  70. Cyriocosmus venezuelensis sp. nov.
  71. Acanthoscurria turumban sp. nov.
  72. Poecilotheria nallamalaiensis / formosa synonymy
  73. Euathlus latithorax synonymy
  74. New special edition 142 of "Tarantulas of the World" – contents and abstracts
  75. [Article] Lucas et al. - Redescription of Acanthoscurria paulensis
  76. New African theraphosid genus and species - Bacillochilus xenostridulans
  77. Theraphosa stirmi sp. n. described
  78. [Article] García-Villafuerte & Locht: A new species of Hemirrhagus
  79. Key to the Mygalomorphae known in Buenos Aires province, Argentina
  80. [Article] Gallon: A new Pterinochilus species from South Africa
  81. Pterinochilus lapalala Gallon & Engelbrecht, 2011 described
  82. [Article] Trabalon: Agonistic behaviour and lipid state in Brachypelma albopilosum
  83. [Article] Gabriel: A new Hapalopus species from Guyana
  84. [Article] A case of zootherapy with the tarantula Brachypelma vagans
  85. [Article] Bertani et al. - Pterinopelma revalidation and a new species
  86. Gabriel, R. & S. J. Longhorn. 2011. Mygalarachne
  87. [Article] Ferretti et al.: Grammostola from Central Argentina
  88. [Article] Panzera et al. - Schismatothele benedettii sp. n.
  89. Blatchford et al. - Phylogeny-Based Comparison of Tarantula Behavior &c
  90. Tarantulas cling to smooth vertical surfaces by secreting silk from their feet
  91. Arachnids Secrete a Fluid over Their Adhesive Pads
  92. Ferretti & Pérez-Miles: intraspecific interactions of Grammostola "schulzei"
  93. Dor et al. - Predatory interactions between Centruroides and Brachypelma vagans
  94. Fukushima, 2011 - revision of Avicularia
  95. Canal et al. - Effects of diet and water supply on energy intake in a mygalomorph &c
  96. Wang et al. - Movement behaviour of a spider on horizontal surface
  97. When landscape modification is advantageous for protected species (B. vagans)
  98. Estrada-Alvarez & Locht 2011 - Bonnetina aviae nov sp
  99. Nagahama 2010. Plesiopelma revision and cladistic.
  100. Lucas et al. - Redescription of Acanthoscurria natalensis
  101. Biancardi et al. - Biomechanics of octopedal locomotion in G. mollicoma
  102. Hamilton et al. - Species Delimitation and Phylogeography of A. hentzi
  103. Hamilton et al. - Species Delimitation and Phylogeography of Aphonopelma hentzi
  104. New articles in the latest issue of the Journal of Arachnology
  105. Guadanucci, J.P.L. 2011. Journal of arachnology (also)
  106. Copperi et al - Wasp and tarantula article [in spanish]
  107. Yamamoto et al. - Catanduba - new theraphosine genus, five new species described
  108. Trabalon & Blais: Juvenile Development of B. albopilosum
  109. Gonzalez-Filho et al: Taxonomy of Acanthoscurria from Southeastern Brazil
  110. Two new taranula related articles
  111. Foelix et al. – "Tarantula feet silk": alleged spigots are probably chemoreceptors
  112. Pérez-Miles & Ortíz-Villatoro - Tarantulas do not shoot silk from their legs
  113. West et al. - new genus Psednocnemis
  114. Bertani 2012 - revision of Typhochlaena, Pachistopelma and Iridopelma
  115. A couple of newish ones
  116. Revision: Vitalius nondescriptus comb. nov.
  117. Aphonopelma: An exploration of species boundaries in turret-building tarantulas of th
  118. The sale of tarantulas in Cambodia for food or medicine
  119. Tmesiphantes hypogeus sp. nov.
  120. Avicularia taunayi rediscription
  121. Citharacanthus alvarezi
  122. Brachypelma vagans
  123. Urticating Hair
  124. New species of Haploclastus
  125. Preliminary Review of Indian Eumenophorinae
  126. On the Brazilian Amazonian species of Acanthoscurria (Araneae: Theraphosidae)
  127. On the Brazilian Amazonian species of Acanthoscurria
  128. No more Hemiercus
  129. Plesiophrictus millardi
  130. Just Published Brachypelma angustum and enbrithies