View Full Version : Yamia sp. Koh Samui

Colin D Wilson
18-06-08, 07:23 PM
Just got a sac from one of the three females i have.

Mated 25/5/08 (insertions observed, male left in overnight)

Sac made 18/6/08 (unusually, from my experience, female dug new "shallow" burrow to create sac, and abandonned her living accommodation)

Will leave egg sac with female for the duration.

Temps: 75 - 80 day, 65 - 70 night.
humidity 65 - 70%

Steve McIntyre
18-06-08, 08:48 PM
Well done, Colin, hope it's successful :p An interesting observation regarding the new burrow.

mary walters
19-06-08, 04:52 AM
Congrats Colin

Colin D Wilson
19-06-08, 09:47 AM
Thanks both,
Have just added climate data above.
Tis a bit strange she dug a new burrow, last attempt (dud sac) the female used her original.
He's in with female number two now, observed mating last night, although he looks to be a little on the slow side (maybe he's done his time, so there's a posibility this second mating may not be productive)

andy hood
20-06-08, 07:56 PM
well done colin hope all goes well ;)