View Full Version : X Immanis succsess

Daniel Richardson
28-02-10, 07:54 PM
Managed to pair up my x immanis today with no problems. The male last made his sperm web on thursday just gone, and the female was fed till she would'nt eat no more up till yesterday, put them in together today and the male sat there for a few min's b4 very carefully moving towards the female-she started drumming first and he dived right in and job done, got some good insertions so fingers crossed.

22-11-10, 11:09 AM
How did it go? infertile sack?

Daniel Richardson
22-11-10, 02:57 PM
She held onto it for age's,did'nt web up and in the end she just spat them out more or less on the subby :(

Jens Falk
22-11-10, 03:16 PM
It seem that is what often happens with this specie, she makes a sack but then leaves it. I am breeding my female at the moment and have mated her 3 times in about 7days.

After your female was bred was she kept very humid and wet or did you keep her with normal humidity?