View Full Version : Linothele megatheloides - N1

Lisa Ashforth
09-04-10, 04:19 PM
This is from the pairing of my female with James Box's male, who was sadly eaten.

I decided to pull the sac today as it was 4 weeks since it was laid. The sac was extremely well wrapped but felt hard and solid which was discouraging. But when I opened it there were lots of healthy-looking eggs (only 2 bad ones) and a couple of EWLs. I guess it would have benefited from being left an extra couple of weeks. Maybe the temperature was a bit on the low side which has slowed development time, but hopefully incubation will do the job.

the sac wrapper

getting closer to the sac

the eggs

an EWL

pee'd off mum after being tubbed and her babies taken :(

James Box
09-04-10, 04:21 PM
yay congrats to us!!!