View Full Version : Chaetopelma olivaceum/gracile

James Box
23-06-10, 04:06 PM
towards the end of March, 2008, I bought a specimen indirectly from Martin Goss, and he (the spider :) ) matured almost exactly a year later. after a bit of faffing about trying to source a female from the same locality (Netanya, Israel) that was old enough to mate, i finally just got one from Martin that subsequently moulted and was interested in the male. also, Mary Walters gave me another female which i've also mated.
well the first female has made a sac! the male mated with her a few months back, and he'd obviously been mature quite a long time.
by the way, he's still going strong! they are great little spiders, one i'd recommend to anyone that doesn't mind them a little feisty.
i think they're meant to get a bit bigger than mine (2"), so it's surprising they're breeding this young.