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the ming cu
07-07-10, 06:39 PM
I'm sorry for the English and the bad quality image. But I hope this information useful.

I just incubated the egg sac of selenocosmia javanensis. I bought wild caught tarantulas in oil grower shop. They are about to become hair grower oil. I just bought them and get the sacs too. So I make a try to incubated them. There is 3 egg sacs and a mother which laid her egg sac in her burrow. Selenocosma Javanensis are burrower, but none of selenocosmia javanensis I buy are burrowing inside the peat except the one which laid her egg sac. The others are just make a hide inside the bamboo.

This is experiment of incubating method I tried and the result.

First try:
2 egg sacs, incubated with plastic cup, 1/4 water inside, cloth.
Date I get the egg sac: 1 June 2010
I open the egg sac then put the egg in the cloth. I put the cloth above the water. well, you can figure it out yourself, I can't express it better, sorry. Temp: 29 C and later on 27 C.
Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41619322@N08/tags/egg/

Result: Failed.
When the eggs kept at 29, the eggs seems to be dessicated then I move it to 27 C, but all the eggs become media for fungus.

Second Try:
1 egg sac, Incubated with plastic cup, sponge, water.
Date I get the egg sac: 9 June 2010
Date hatch: 7 July 2010.
I put the sponge inside the cup and filled the cup with water. The sponge must be thick enough so the water still below the sponge surface. So the egg sac not touched by water directly. I turn around the egg sac once a day. The egg sac is not open. temp: 27 C.

Result: Success. all the eggs turn out to be tarantulas and bite the sac to move out. What surprise me is, there are mites in them. big mites, about almost 1mm. they are in the spider lings body, one for one spider lings. I am very sure that is mites because I touch that mites, it's not dirt. it's moving. They are the same mites found in the adults, but I don't know what kind of mites and what species. Perhaps the mites just take advantage of the spiders in search for food?

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41619322@N08/tags/hatch/

Third Try:
Date the eggs are laid: possibly 10 June 2010 (I don't know for sure because I'm late checking her. I thought she just make a house for her only)
I make a 3 inch coco peat substrate and move the mother inside. Several days later she make a burrow. I never expected she laid her eggs. I just peek inside somehow without disturbing her so much and saw the sacs. I kept the humidity at 70%. Room temps is at 26 C, perhaps lower below that coco peat. I cover the ventilation with double cloth in case the spider lings hatch any time, I don't want them escape, too dangerous here for them. This cloth seems to prevent humidity to lower too. And the fly feel comfortable here.

Result: not yet hatch.

Colin D Wilson
08-07-10, 10:03 AM
Very interesting Ming.

Congratulations on recovering the spiders from their peril, and well done on the second egg sac hatching.

Is it posible to remove each mite from the spiderling with something sticky (a cotton bud (Q tip) dipped in petroleum jelly)?

Also is it possible to get a close image of the spiderling with a mite or of the mite itself?

Good luck on your third try, please update when you have a result.

the ming cu
08-07-10, 10:57 AM
oh I don't know that, thanks Collin for the information. you really help me :)

I'll try that after the T a little more bigger.
I plan to let 70% of them go to the appropriate forest, so perhaps I will do it to the rest of them I kept. Since I do not see the mites endangered the spiders. the adults seems doing fine with mites on them LOL
but it won't hurt cleaning them so my other T won't get that mites.

yes sure, I will update.
I am thinking that the cause of my failure on first try is because I opened the egg sacs :(

Colin D Wilson
09-07-10, 10:56 AM
I plan to let 70% of them go to the appropriate forest,
An excellent idea :)

I am thinking that the cause of my failure on first try is because I opened the egg sacs :(
Possibly they got a little too damp, the sacs you didn't open will have a natural barrier to humidity??

the ming cu
09-07-10, 11:01 AM
thanks Collin :)

yes, perhaps... though I only fill the water 1/4 bottle, perhaps it needs more ventilation. not only that, it has no barrier against infections...