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Martin Lees
12-03-13, 09:38 PM
Heterothele villosella 1

AF molted November 2012
I received two mature males from Selina Bailey-Brown on 4/12/2012
I pared one of the males with this AF on 6/12/2012 there was lot of tapping from both spiders.The female seemed very receptive towards him.I paired them again a few nights later.
Eggsack layed 9/1/13 and eaten a day later.
I put the mm in again a few days later.
2nd eggsack layed 1/2/13
Pulled the eggsack on 23/2/13 mostly EWL and eggs
These began molting to N2,s a few days later.
On 6/3/13 they started molting to spiderlings
Total 42

08-04-13, 02:37 PM
my boys did good