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Thread: Spiderling emergence in the tarantula Grammostola mollicoma

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    Default Spiderling emergence in the tarantula Grammostola mollicoma

    • PANZERA, A., C. PERDOMO & F. PÉREZ-MILES (2009): Spiderling emergence in the tarantula Grammostola mollicoma (Ausserer 1875): an experimental approach (Araneae,Theraphosidae). The Journal of Arachnology 37: 92-96.

      The ability of Grammostola mollicoma (Ausserer 1875) spiderlings (Araneae, Theraphosidae) to emerge from
      the cocoon without the assistance of their mother was tested experimentally. We created two experimental groups with 23
      cocoons in each group. In one of the groups we cut the cocoon wall creating an opening; in the other group, the cocoon
      remained untouched. We found no differences between the groups in either the number or instar composition of the
      spiderlings that emerged. The spiderlings were able to emerge without the assistance of their mother. The emerging instars
      in both groups were precocious compared to previous suggestions in the literature.

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    interesting. thanks Martin

    I recently lost my mated female but the MM is still doing the rounds and is mated with 2 other females, possibly more. Fingers crossed for seeing more of these in the hobby as they are a lovely docile species. What I found interesting about the first mating back in March was the female advanced on the male. And, prior to putting them together the female twice walked towards my splayed out legs in the immediate direction of the male who was on the other side of my legs. Perhaps she could smell him
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    I thought i'd had a deja vous type thing there , saved me searching for a past post to confirm my sanity!!
    thanks Eric .
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