View Full Version : male failure - and first egg sac.

chris raeburn
09-09-08, 02:51 PM
ive been keeping spiders for a couple of years now, mostly raised from spiderlings and thought to have a go at breeding - as and when males mature with me. So far one outright failure and one success;

Holothele incei - male matured and spun a spermweb.
First time trying a mating had me hovering over the bath with half a coke bottle and strip of card ready to intervene on the certain savaging of the male - i needn't of worried, all went fine with the male tapping away, the female eager to mate. He got her up in position and then - "Damn - he's got no palps!". I hadn't noticed he had lost his palps - probably during his final molt. After half an hour of trying to mate the male retreated, the female ignoring him. So a pointless excercise that was otherwise succesful.
(if anyone has a MM spare please let me know)

Pterinochilus murinus RCF - these mated without incident (no bits missing - i checked) and three weeks later the female is draped over an eggsac - still orange, no doubt bitey, but a lot thinner. Of course i was away when she laid them.

My questions are:

1. do i feed her or is she best left undisturbed. i don't really want to be fiddling around catching uneatens - the sac and web supports run between lid and wall.

2. how long incubation should i expect - temp 26, couple of degrees warmer daytime.

Next to have a go with are Psalmopeus irminia - any tips?

Best wishes,