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Martin Lees
29-06-13, 07:08 PM
Poecilotheria ornata

AF2 molted 21/12/12.
One of my P.ornata males matured over Xmas 2012 so I waited until he has done a sperm web and put him in with the AF on 4/1/13. So lasted two nights before he became a meal for her.I witnessed no inserts,but heard plenty of tapping from both spiders when the lights went out.
She was kept at around 72'f for the next few months and fed normally.
Early March 2013,her tank was moved up to the top shelf and she was fed more heavily.and few weeks later the substrata was wetted.
Dropped eggsack 16/4/13
Pulled eggsack 15/5/13 all were EWL
The EWL were put into a new incubator I made up myself and non were lost.
Molted to slings on 18/6/13
Total 112
http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i324/bumberclot/3D367731-90D3-43F7-89B9-76222B960B35-24545-0000156D6E57373F_zps359d1707.jpg (http://s1088.photobucket.com/user/bumberclot/media/3D367731-90D3-43F7-89B9-76222B960B35-24545-0000156D6E57373F_zps359d1707.jpg.html)
http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i324/bumberclot/null_zps337f78c0.jpg (http://s1088.photobucket.com/user/bumberclot/media/null_zps337f78c0.jpg.html)

Peter Roach
29-06-13, 08:36 PM
Not again !!!

Give someone else a chance ! :wink: