New to the B T S. New to the hobby infact.
I started collecting a month or two ago and each week ive been updating up untill now, ive spent a good 400 pounds on tarantula's so for a few weeks im going to lay low!.
These are the species i own and carefor at this current moment in time.. in due time i am looking to start trying to attempt to breed..

Brachypelma albopilosumCurly Wurly My smallest addition about 4mm to 6mm.
Ceratogyrus marshalli Striaght Horned Baboons About 5mm.
Ceratogyrus darlingiEastern horned baboon About 8mm
Chilobrachys cf."Dyscolus"Asian Smokey Earth Tiger about 2cm FAST!!!!
Cyriopagopus schioedtei Malaysian Earth Tiger about 2cm!
Heteroscodra maculata Togo Starburst about 5cm ish This one is a personal frav and extremely nippy.. rude! but shy as hell since ive given it a lovely hollow log underground that has another log meeting it to come out but stays in alot.
Acanthoscurria Geniculata Giant White Knee about 3cm Always on display dosent webb much ruff n tumble when it comes to feeding unless its near a molt. then she starts getting mardy and flicks hairs at me.
Poecilotheria Regalis (just molted) about 5-6cm was 3-4cm big molt. ! lovely t unfortunatly with size of its giant front things i think it might be a male but not to sure to small to tell yet?!
Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens Greenbottle blue About 5-7cm fat abdomen and carapae tarantula Agressive!! and webbed right up to the lid so i have to go past her to get into her space..! great eater!
Psalmopoeus irminia Venezuelan suntiger 7-8cm Realy lovely Deal i got with this one picked her up got her at this size for 35 was labled wrong in local pet shop and they wasnt to keen about re-homing it so got away with it !
Pterinochilus murinus Orange Baboon Tarantula - 6-8cm Fat. and just molted for first time since ive had her, havent been able to get agood look since its only been a few days and i dont disturbe them for atleast a week after there molts. id guess 7-10cm now Lovely T Great eater lovelt webber but shy for a OBT!!
Poecilotheria Rufilata Red Slate 8-11cm Fast fast and agressive and extremely pretty. my fav i have to say and my first ever T. had her for 2 months she/he molted once and is due to molt in not to long from now to.

This is my collection and if ur interested in seeing feeding video's, - Re homing, or anything else i get upto on my journey's or even if its just to have a spy on my specimines id be greatfull for the views, comments good and constructive.. oh wait same thing .

Thankyou all for reading and have a lovely evening/day/morning !


Matthew Tarantuladdict. -