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The Campaign for real forum names starts today!

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  • The Campaign for real forum names starts today!

    The Campaign for real forum names starts today!

    Over the past year it has been increasingly more difficult to work out genuine registrations from the fake ones. Having to physically check each name in the admin area to see if it’s yet another fake or spoof registration is getting time consuming and tedious.

    This has also caused me to delete genuine users by mistake, and where possible I have contacted them to re register. However almost daily I have to remove names without activation as the rules and regulations of this forum had not been adhered.

    This might seem extreme and overly moderated but it keeps the forum clear of any disturbances’ and flames. Thus insuring the BTS forum has active and useful debate on the subject of tarantulas and their related kin.

    So from today April 1st any person registering that does not use the real name (I.E. Firstname and Surname, example John Smith) as their username will not be activated and will be deleted.

    Just recently the The Arboreal Tarantula Forum Run by Michael Jacobi has also instigated this real name requirement and this has in turn prompted me to do the same. Michael explains it very well

    “This change is intended to make this forum more personal and allow us to know who we are interacting with. I dislike how many people hide behind their aliases on other forums and do not show the courtesy of signing their posts. Therefore, I have made the decision to change that on my own site.
    I appreciate your cooperation. Cheers, Michael”

    Now I fully understand that this is not going to go down well and I appreciate that some of you have been using nicknames and aliases for a long time, indeed are well known by these internet names but from today the use of your real first name and second name is now required for registration, this will make the forum more personal and have better community feeling.

    Existing BTS Forum members will be required to update their profiles and use there real names you can use an AKA such as:

    Oldin McGroin
    (aka handson)

    Thank you for your kind attention in this matter, and I look forward to your support in this campaign. From April 1st 2007 all users who have not updated to thier real name will be either updated by the admin staff if we know you, or removed. A global message will be sent a week before to remind you.

    Mark Pennell
    Forum Administrator

    CAMFORNS Show your support and update today!
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