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Psalmopoeus Irminia success

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  • Psalmopoeus Irminia success

    Psalmopoeus Irminia 1.


    Female was fed two large brown crickets a week prior to pairing.male was borrowed on 50/50 loan from Michael Rawding from ( MISC) temps were at around 76'F.


    After I witnessed the male doing a sperm web I placed him in the females tank,on 29 th may,2012.After a bit of tapping from the male the female came out of her hide and he managed an insert straight away.

    Post mating care

    Her enclosure was kept on the middle shelf for the next two months at around 76'f.Around the end of July her tank was put on the top shelf and covered with a pillow case,and the substrata was wetted.temperature at approx 83'F.
    On August 14th 2012 she layed an eggsack.

    Pulled eggsack on 4 th September 2012.At 27 days.
    Noticed around 80+ N2's
    Lost around 10 N2's in the incubator
    Started molting to spiderlings on September 20 th 2012.
    TOTAL = 76.