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Lampropelma violacepes success+failure

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  • Lampropelma violacepes success+failure

    Lampropelma violacepes(Singapore blue)

    Success + failure

    Female molted-10/7/2012
    I received a MM from Pete Lacey early August 2012 and let him produce a sperm web.I then put him in with my female on 11/8/2012 .I had previously fed her quite heavily on adult Dubia roaches in hope the male would survive long enough to get an insert.I watched them for a couple of hours and witnessed nothing,so off I went to bed with him still in there.In the morning she was sat on her cork bark hide eating him.So I had no idea if he has got an insert.
    For the next three months she was kept at her normal temperatures and fed once a week.I noticed she wanted more food so I started feeding her twice a week and towards the end of November I started wetting her tank.
    Eggsack layed 6/12/2012. (4months after pairing)
    Pulled eggsack 31/12/2012
    In hindsight I think I pulled the eggsack a little early as out of the 90+ EWL that were put into the incubator,most of them died at early N2,s.
    Total spiderlings - 27

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    Would you leave the next sac for a few weeks more next time or would you leave it with the female until there are slings visible ?
    After all, mummy knows best.


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      Hmmmmm.Not to sure.Ive got a L.nigerrimum sack ATM so I,m tempted to leave it full term this time like a lot of the European breeders do.