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Hapalopus Sp.Columbia(large form) Success

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  • Hapalopus Sp.Columbia(large form) Success

    Hapalopus sp.Columbia(large form)

    I bought an AF and a MM early December and paired them on 30/12/12
    After I witnessed a sperm web by the MM.
    I also paired them again a few weeks later and the male got a good insert this time.The female was very receptive and showed no aggression.
    For the next month i left the AF,s enclosure at around 75.f and fed her one medium cricket a week.Around the middle of February I put the enclosure on the top shelf at 80'f and wetted one half of substrata.
    March 4th,2013. Female dropped eggsack.
    March 30th,2013.Pulled eggsack.
    And there were around 150 Eggs with legs.
    These were put in incubator and molted to n2 within a week.
    After 3 weeks i separated then into deli pots with substrata in 3 groups of 40 and one of 30.
    After another week they were all spiderlings.
    Unfortunately the air hole in the tubs must have been a bit large and over 30 escaped into the house.(found only 7)
    Total potted up 124
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