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Stomatopelma calceatum success

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  • Stomatopelma calceatum success

    Stomatopelma calceatum

    Adult female last molted 25/11/13
    I received a mature male from Anthony Killick on a 50/50 breeding loan
    Early February 2013. I fed my AF a few large Dubia roaches and let the mm do a sperm web.I introduced him on 8/2/13.They got straight at it and I noticed a quick insert and then the AF killed him before I could intervene.
    A few weeks later one of my own S.calceatum males matured so I waited until he had done a sperm web and out him in for the night just to make sure she had been mated.He was also eaten by morning time.
    For the next six weeks the AF was kept on the bottom shelf at around 76'f and fed her usual Dubia roach every week to ten days.
    Late march I started feeding her more and put tank on top shelf and wetted substrata
    Layed eggsack 11thApril,2013.
    Pulled eggsack 10th May,2013.all were N2,s
    Molted to spiderlings 31st may,2013.
    Total 174.

    174 spiderlings
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