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    Could i ask of some help from anyone that has had a Spiderling Red Knee. What i am wondering is that i have one and it seems to be fine in the way of moving fast and it looks plump. But my concern is that it does not seem to be eating anything that i have put its way. I first put little size 2 black crickets in that would be wondering around a few days later. I have taken them out after 4 0r 5 days. And i have also been giving it large ones that have been put out of action lets say, not moving lifeless. The Sling is housed in a Ferrero Rocher box with Coconut sub and a hiding place. The substrt contains moisture and is damp with some condensation within the box it does not have any vessle of water. how long will it be ok for without eating. or is it a case of just keep doing what im doing and hope that it will eat.


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    Your Red Knee (B. smithi) won't eat each day so perhaps its how much food you are feeding it that is the issue. 2 crickets, the size of the abdomen, a week is enough and I only increase this amount if the crickets are very small. Its likely your sling will be fine with just one cricket so unless its eating much less there shouldnt be an issue.
    Try not to make the enclosure too damp and provide some ventilation. B. smithi come from dry areas so you only need to provide a little moisture up one side of the enclosure, providing too much could create issues.
    If your sling has developed a black patch on its abdomen its a sign of an upcoming moult in which case it may not eat til after the moult. Be careful about leaving live food in with a sling, even large tarantula have fallen prey to crickets during a moult.
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      Thank you for the advice, it's very likely that your right. Its abdomen is dark and i have noticed that its legs are a little darker than when i aquired it. I will keep a check on it and see if it's about to moult. I am sure your right in this case it may not eat and this is the reason why. With the knowlage of the dark abdomen its a little more clear.


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        Just be a little careful that some small slings always have a black abdomen until they reach a certain size so some inexprienced owners can unintentionally starve them thinking that they are about to molt.

        But from your description, I do think your sling is about to molt.
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          Wow, what a suprise It has just moulted. I just happened to take a look at him, and he was stiring trying to rid himself of the old skin. I have left him to it. Hope by tomorrow he will be ready to take some grub.


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            You should leave him a few days to harden up . Like everything else , the fangs need to harden . Best to wait till he's fully mobile first .


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              Point taken, did wonder. he's not moved much since i last looked. He seems to be a little bigger and pink. Thanks for the tip.