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    Hi all,
    Can anybody tell me the exact meaning in relation to size/maturity in tarantulas of the terms.....
    sling......juvenile.....sub adult and adult ?
    Eg.....what size and age would a juvenile be ?
    Thank you
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    It all depends on the species.

    A 2 year old B.smithi would probably be classed as a juvi yet a 2 year old OBT would be an adult / sub-adult; and a 6" B smithi might be classed as an adult but a T.blondi wouldn't.

    I personally go sling up until it gets adult coloration, at which points it becomes a juvenile. When it gets pretty close to its adult size (within an inch or two) I go for sub-adult.
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      I've got a C. elegans which is about 1" legspan, and it's adult or nearly so. If it's male it'll probably mature next moult. But I've got a T. blondi who is about 7" and she's got a lot of growing to do yet.

      I'd go with what Kurt said. Once a sling shows adult colour I'd call it a juvenile, and would call it sub adult once it was maybe 2/3 adult size and looked like a mini-adult.

      Of course a male isn't "adult" until he has his maturing moult.


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        I don't think I've seen a table that describes this but by my reconning
        sling up to 4th moult
        juvenile up to 7th moult
        sub-adult up to maturing moult which might be 8th or 9th moult.
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          A juvenile shows adult colouration, an adult has either emboli or fully sclerotised spermathecae, a sub-adult is one or two moults away from maturity.

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            Thanks all
            Just seems to me that these are common phrases used in the hobby so I thought there would be a definitive answer like Phil has said
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