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  • Cheeky ask?

    If this is against forum etiquette, I apologise, as I couldn't think where else to put this request, and the wanted ads section still didn't seem like quite the right place.

    Basically, I'm after a selection of T moults. I know people like to keep theirs, but if anyone is willing to part with a few, especially if they have the carapace to go with the moults, I'd be happy to offer postage costs.

    My only problem is time, as I'd really like to get hold of some before the end of next week, which is why I know this is a big, cheeky ask of me!

    Thanks in advance for any help,


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    No problems with this at all

    I'll have a shufty through (if i can find the box of old moults we dont need), normally they're pulled to bits through sexing, examination and ID'ing but if there's anything usefull i'll PM you.
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      That would be lovely, thankyou! And when and if I've done what I plan to do with them, there will be photos (assuming I can pull off my plans, that is!).


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        Oh, just to add, I have also asked at a number of exotic pet stores, including the one where I got Fluff from, and although a couple have very kindly said that they'll put some aside for me, there might not be any available in time, which is why I asked on here.

        Here's an interesting aside; although most of the shops were nothing less than pleasant and helpful, one place actually refused to sell of give me any of their moults, even though they had tank full of them in very good condition. The reason? They're hazardous. Hm, I'm aware of the urticating hairs, and have latex gloves and tweezers at the ready, but despite my best attempts to get him to part with them, the shop owner refused. Ah well, his call, but it was frustrating seeing a whole tankful of beautiful moults and not being allowed to have any.