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GBB juvenile molt male or female?

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  • GBB juvenile molt male or female?

    Hey everyone. Really cannot tell if this is male or female I have tried reading various websites and watching a lot of youtube vids but I still cannot guess is female. Anyone any ideas?
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    Try to get a clear close up pic of the area marked in the blue circle in the first pic in this post

    Also your moult in the pic is very wet and shiny which creates reflections that could be misleading
    Have a good time all the time


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      Hi Adam
      thank you for replying
      ok got some more pics I'm now thinking male due to the dorsal shot I have taken he seems to have a small abdomen and longer legs but then he hasn't eaten yet since I got it two weeks ago because it molted a week ago i tried feeding today but it didnt seem interested and walked away from the prey. Maybe still in post molt? Anyway here are the other pics of the molt and also dorsal and ventral views (sorry not the best quality, I'm using my iphone as I cannot find my camera lol)
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        Originally posted by Mhairi Flynn View Post
        ok got some more pics I'm now thinking male due to the dorsal shot I have taken he seems to have a small abdomen and longer legs

        The small abdomen and longer legs has ABSOLUTELY ZERO to do with the sex and EVERYTHING to do with it has just moulted

        Possibly a silly question but you do realise that the iphone has a macro setting that is very good, and that you can zoom in so that something as small as a match head can fill the screen in clear focus ?


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          Had no idea iphone had those settings perhaps I will look for them GBB has drank water today and looks a bit fuller in the abdomen now


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            Closest/clearest image I could get
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              The photo when enlarged is still massively out of focus but it looks like there may be a darker area where the spermatheca would be if it was a female.

              Regarding your iphone.
              Open the camera app then pinch the screen with 2 fingers like you was picking something small off the screen.
              A small sliding bar will appear which you can then slide along to zoom right in to the subject

              This spiders body is approx 1/2" long, the pic was taken with an iphone 4s


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                Thank you again for your help Peter, I have followed your instructions and taken two more pictures - is this better?
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                  Unfortunately the pics are still not good enough.
                  The female tarantula spermatheca is extremely small . . ie. I recently had a 9" AF L klugi moult and her spermatheca was approx 1-2mm (?) across.
                  So the quality of the pics that you are posting are woefully inadequate to see something so small.

                  These are pics of 2" LS GBB's that I took using a microscope and a DSLR.
                  Maybe you can compare these to your moult ?


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                    sorry about that, I will try and use a proper camera tonight for a better picture. from the pictures you have shown I am thinking it is definately a male