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Which of these sound like the best EPQ proposal?

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  • Which of these sound like the best EPQ proposal?

    1. A study of the web structure of S. grossa and what prey do they have the greatest success at catching with those webs in order to determine the species's effect on local ecosystems as their range increases from south England as well as their possible effectiveness as biological control agents
    2. Study mating behaviour of D. lapidosus as well as potentially egg and spiderling development. In general all about D. lapidosus potentially
    3. Why ladybird spiders are so endangered by looking at the survival rates of their young compares to other spiders as well as how readily they reproduce etc

    For those who have no idea what I'm talking about have a look at this

    Also here

    The deadline to make a refine proposal is next Wednesday. The idea needs to last me till next january researching and experimenting etc so it needs to be good

    Please help me out here guys :'(

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    Any of your own ideas are welcome too as well. Also I realise it's not strictly tarantula related but true spiders instead but I really need the help :'(
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