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    Hi all,

    I have been think about building a mechanical mom. I have viewed the paper which is posted on th ATS and view various blogs on you tube.

    What at I would like to know is were I can purchase the apporpiate parts from and the type of motor I would need. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to were I could find a small timing motor which has either got a 24 hour clock built in or were one can be attached.

    I am UK based so preferably would rather by over hear, but I will keep my options open.



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    Originally posted by Craig Toon View Post
    ... were I can purchase the apporpiate parts from and the type of motor I would need. ...
    Visit A MECHANICAL MOM FOR TARANTULAS. While that model was designed for use in North America and according to North American standards, and the various parts and pieces will be unavailable to you in the UK, it should suggest how you might subvert to your needs, things you would easily find in hardware stores, building supply dealers, and pet shops.

    Over the decades I've built a number of these machines, and they all worked remarkably well. And, I've seen numerous other versions described on several forums and on YouTube. For instance, I just went to the YouTube site and typed in mechanical mom for tarantulas and got well over 600 hits, about a quarter of which seemed relevant.

    Best of luck. Be sure to get back to us on this thread to tell us how it worked out.
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