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Ephebopus murinus burrow

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  • Ephebopus murinus burrow

    heres a begining of burrow from my E murinus. I rehoused this big girl last week

    IMO she will dig in the middle of the tank and I wont see her anymore but the setup is interesting anyway

    Kirdec Tarantula's

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    My blue fang has stayed next to the side of the tank with her burrow and has just carved out a cave like bit at the bottom. chances are your Murrins will do the same, from the experiance I have had of this genus they seem to prefer burrows at about a 45 degree angle that are about the same body width as them selfs with a cave bit for them to turn round in at the bottom. But then each spider is individual but even if she does dig towards the midle of the tank your still likely to see her sitting at the bottom of her burrow though all the silk she will lay down more often than you think.