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A few additional photos from Saturday night

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  • A few additional photos from Saturday night

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    Excellent group shots Michael, and I must say an absolute pleasure to meet you (and re-meet all my old friends) this weekend.

    I think several beers had been consumed by the time of that first pic!


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      Hey, Leon, just checked out your website and is very impressive. detailed and accurate care sheets to the rookies and the photo qualities are very good. I never introduced myself when we were chatting at the show on Sunday, Im Adam Smith Id bought a few Sydney giant huntsman spider and were talking about the Skipkan journal.
      Anyway, keep up the good work with the site.


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        Ah yes, I'm sure I talked you in to buying more than you strictly wanted Good to meet you, shame I was busy for most of the day!


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          It wasnt a prob, id already gone over my quota of what my girfriend had expected me to buy, tho that was never discussed I said I had few things form the spidershop put back but failed to say what else I was getting. The Hunstman spider was something id had my eye on a while and couldnt resist. 3 at that but if get a ratio of 2:1 may have chance to breed them. I had noticed that a lot of traders didnt get much chance to see the exhibition in the same way as buyers due to working. As a long over due first time at heshow was a blast and great to meet people form the forum tho I dont know who I met witht forum names.I will definitely make it the saturday morning to help set up the tables and actally get to talking to more people nites before, would have saturday nite but missus was bored and tired wnouhg, me going on til early morning hours about spiders wouldnt have helped. Same next year, newxt thing on list is firsty dinner and lecture