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  • BTS Lectures and Dinner Official BTS images

    Dear All
    Below is a selection of images captured during the whole event from 12.30 to the late evening by Richard Gallon BTS Editor and official BTS Lectures photographer. If you have images please do post them.

    Mark Pennell - at the opening of the days lectures

    Peter Kirk: Starts the opening lecture
    Peter gave an excellent light hearted look into planning expeditions and a fine account of our recent trip to Borneo

    Introducing Ray Hale
    Rays gave us a wonderfull photographic comparison of the Arachnids of Borneo with those of the UK.

    Ray in mid flow

    Up next Ray Gabriel
    Ray stepped in at short notice, due to ill health Jenny Dobson had to pull out (get well soon Jenny)
    Ray gave us an excellent update into his work on the Theraphosidae of Panama

    Break time: Coffee, Tea and Biscuits and a few beers

    Steve McIntyre chats to Chris Sainsbury about the TV Martin Nicholas spoof shirts that he and Eddy had on

    Andrew Smith, Paul Carpenter discuss the day so far!

    Well needed cuppa for Ray and Angela Hale

    Part 2 People begin to file back in.

    Peter and my Borneo trip 2006 team chat about Peters excellent lecture.

    Boris Striffler is introduced

    Boris gave us another fine lecture, Theraphosids of Venezuela, followed by some great footage of himself eating
    tarantulas with indigenous local indians

    And finally .....
    Michael Jacobi (USA)
    lectures on Tarantula keeping: The next Generation, Innovation in Modern Husbandry Techniqes.

    Michael in full flow...

    All the days lectures are finished... Opps running late!

    Ray Gabriel, Peter Kirk, Boris Striffler, Ray Hale and Michael Jacobi take their well earned applause

    Ahh one more thing to do

    Michael Jacobi is presented with a BTS committee shirt

    Debby and Scott are also presented with BTS shirts

    Both Michael and Scott are warmley welcomed in as BTS North American Representaives

    Scott and Debby have their own surprise for us.

    Scott presents Andrew Smith with a cheque for $390 USD. from Arachnoboards BTS Supporters
    The money will go towards the new BTS research grants.

    Andrew Smith thanks Scott and Debby for this excellent Arachnoboards initative. Also big thanks to the users of
    Arachnoboards for their kind support of the BTS

    Andrew addresses the attendees about BTS future projects

    Group shot!

    The Dinner gets going

    Tables fill up with guests

    Chris and Eddy - who else

    Ray and Mark end the dinner with a bit of fun and the BTS awards..

    First winner for best look a like Paul Carpenter for Silence of the lambs

    Steve Bray wins - Best Beard in the hobby!

    Chris Sainsbury wins a BTS membership for his Photo on the T-store
    Best photo of a BTS Journal in a strange place.... say no more

    Phil Messenger wins for Best New Specimen introduced into the hobby 2006
    for his new baby daughter Miranda - Well done Phil and Tracy

    Andrew Smith - gets the lifetime achivment award... and a box of crayons to finish colouring in his new book.

    Dinner over Paul Carpenter sets up his projector for Andrew. Andrew and Paul had mentioned earlier in the day that this was better than Digital and powerpoint... little did they now that the tech-o-gods were watching

    Myself and Ray Hale point out to Andrew that slides don't get stuck in digital format

    Waiting to fix his old projector - Andrew takes five to chat up Martin Nicholas's wife, Julie

    Success and new projector is set up!

    All over for another year, now where is the bar!

    Andy Matthews; turns up! looks glum as he has missed it all

    Stuart Longhorn, Micheal and Andrew relax after a long day!

    Great images from Richard Gallon, thats the official images now come on every lets see yours.

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