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  • Spidercam #1

    Well theres no video section on here so is the first day of spidercam with the A.chacoana. Due to youtubes time restrictions I had to spplit the video into 6 parts, however the links for the others are all in the distription of the first part.

    Rather than flood a torrent of threads i'll just update this one with new videos.


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    nice idea. id love to do something like that with my smithi. its on show 99% of the time


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      Spidercam....great idea !!!

      How often do you intend to update ?

      By the way this is where you post your video clips so you're in the right place !!!

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        I like the look of the setup.

        What is that hide made out of?
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          Colin at the moment I only have one spidercam running for the A.chacoana only, means I can do an update on near daily basis without too much hassle, though I won't have time to sit and watch them all myself sadly if they are all like yesterday. (45 minutes of activity during the night )

          Tom the hide is actually just a half tube of corkbark that I covered in spaghnum moss to disguise it.

          Oh and I just copied this post from another forum thread I started which didn't have a video section, hense the error on my part.

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