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  • More spidercam #1

    After some very vusy days workwise, combined with a few technical difficulties of windows (it needed persuesion to bend to my will). I finally got another series of clips up.
    Though calling it a series of clips may turn into an understatement, at near on two hours worth of footage from a single night.

    However due to the annoyances of work and life in general I won't be able to do a daily video of spidercam, instead i'm aiming for two or perhaps three a week, with feeding and moult days being thrown in as added extras.

    But all is not doom and gloom, as I soon may have a 27/4 stream of spidercam running for those who can't wait for an upload.

    Well anyway here is the footage from the othernight, as usual check the discription for links to the other clips from that night/day.


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