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Force Autotomy.

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  • Force Autotomy.

    The tarantula(Xenesthesis Immanis) leg need to be amputate since it was affected my a mold, fear of the mold being a favourable place for other parasites to inhabit, we had to amputate the leg.

    Aranae should have no problem to regrow the leg, and it is important to make sure that the voluntary process is initiated by the tarantula.

    Prior to the procedure, it is advised to do an ample research on the theory and to know which part of the leg to be pull.

    After the minor surgery, make sure the tarantula is kept bone dry, means keeping them in low humidity so that it helps to dry the wound and to avoid any mold infecting the area, application of vaseline (petroleum based gel) is also a good idea to seal the wound since it will keep the area free of any contact in from surrounding air.

    Hope this helps.

    [ame=""]YouTube - X. Immanis Forced Autotomy[/ame]
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