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Some SW American Tarantulas

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  • Some SW American Tarantulas

    These were found at the recent American Tarantula Society conference in Arizona and along my drive home to Utah:
    Most of these should be individual specimens though a couple may be the same spider. There were so many of them down there. It seems every turn there was a burrow in some areas.

    My wife's first attempt at teasing out a spider. Looks like it worked!
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    How many have found wld Ts this tiny?

    This male was drumming at the base of a tree. He eventually cleared out some brush and exposed a female's burrow. I have video of them mating and I'll post that once it is edited.
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    Hey Joey,

    how cool to have them "on your doorstep". And they are looking great as well. Fantastic

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      Some nice photos there.
      Any ideas on the species ?


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        Mostly Aphonopelma chalcodes. One may be A. paloma, but not sure on that yet.


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          Great pix, all very relevant to the "holiday book" Ive just read, William J. Baerg - The Tarantula
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