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ID plz - Lampropelma?

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  • ID plz - Lampropelma?

    Earlier this year I purchased an A/F "Singapore Blue" Lampropelma violaceopes from someone with a small collection and little information. At the time I doubted the ID as it appeared much darker than my own A/F, however I put this down to needing a moult.
    Since then my own L. violaceopes has moulted and shown electric blue legs with small amounts of yellow on the toes.
    The newly aquired L. violaeceopes mouted a couple of months later but the electric blue legs were not evident. So, I therefore wondered if this is a sign of age, a mere colour difference or perhaps the elusive Borneo Black?
    Attached are some pix of the lady in question, soon after the moult.

    Prior to moult:

    After moult:

    exuvia without flash

    exuvia with flash

    And by comparision the electric blue lady:
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    That is one NIIIIIIIIIIIICE spider Peter
    spider woman at Wilkinsons


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      That does indeed look like the Lampropelma sp "Boreo Black" if you search for photos and reference Sorens images then you'll see what i mean.
      The spermatecae compare nicely to images references of the old Cyrio "spec blue" and Lampropelma (if just a little wider at the base in comparison)
      Have to agree with Mary though... lovely looking spider.
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        flamin' 'eck, that could be a nice find!
        gorgeous spiders both, quite intrigued by the "mystery" one though...
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          Nice spider, definitely not Lampropelma violaceopes. Still a fantastic surprise tho. I would Say it is Lampropelma sp ' Borneo Black' , due to the purple iridescence occurring on the legs. Nice on
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            I don't know. It doesn't seem to be robust enough to be a Borneo black. Going by the legginess of it and the dark blue on the legs I would say it is 'Lamproplema violaceopes'.

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              To me, it's simply an older L. violaceopes.

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                Originally posted by Eric Reynolds View Post
                To me, it's simply an older L. violaceopes.

                Yep right behind Eric here, think older blacker P. metallica (like i have always said the reputed "black poke" is) If in doubt as to what species it is don't breed from it.