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    Nice intro, and hello Mark !!!!

    As a start for the breeding scenario, you need to apply for acceptance from the "commitee" to be added to the members breeding directory, then you go from there, you will be able to post in this section and ask for or offer mature specimens.

    Inbreeding Depression, hmmmm this could turn out to be a VERY long thread if all who have an opinion post.
    I'll start by offering a scenario.......... an egg sac (specifically pokie or avic), in a natural environment, hatches and all the siblings end up in a colony, when this colony matures percentages say siblings will mate and this will happen generation after generation, does this fortify the interbreeding argument in captivity or does it emphasise the need to vary the bloodline.


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      Originally posted by Colin D Wilson View Post
      Nice intro, and hello Mark !!!!

      As a start for the breeding scenario, you need to apply for acceptance from the "commitee" to be added to the members breeding directory, then you go from there, you will be able to post in this section and ask for or offer mature specimens.
      Excellent - thanks for that, I'll wait till my spiders mature and take things from there. As for Inbreeding depression I guess it would take a lot of data from controlled tests to work out exactly what the negative side effects would be - are there any records of parthenogenesis in spiders?
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        Actually, not to my knowledge, i've only really known of it in the invert world for some species of aphids, bees (wasps (i think)) and ants.
        It seems the actual transfer of sperm needs to be implemented in arachnids (and there's endless references of females producing many egg sacs from one mating (a few posted on here))
        Read somewhere once about arachnologists in the late 1800's or early 1900's conducting reasearch on parthenogenesis in spiders using a common species (tegenaria) no conclusive proof though as i remember they used wild caught specimens. will have to see if i can find it again and post the link.


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          Link for the info on parthenogenesis Mark

          Quite interesting for the time it was written.

          There's many more links and info if you google it, in fact a lot more than when i looked for it a fair while back anyway.
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            A quick hello from me

            I read a lot of articles on here so I figured why not join.

            I have been interested in entomology since I was a kid. More recently arachnology. I acquired an orphan G. rosea a couple years ago (Jelly Belly who is now gravid…hopefully). Now I have 22 T’s that I just adore and I'm always learning and soaking up all the info I can get my hands on.

            I was recently able to play with an AGB which is definitely on my wish list. Just have to sweet talk my fiance in to it first. He’s a good guy and hopefully I’ll get a couple for my birthday…. yes I’m a tad bit spoiled…but hey at least I don’t ask for jewels and gold


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              welcome to the forum james, you can learn loads on here and they are very nice people to.


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                Hi, everyone. I've just joined (well a couple of days ago) so though I'd say hello.

                I've not really been into spiders or the such very long but a guy I work with seems pretty obsessed so after listening to him for a while decided to try out some emperors.

                I now own a B. Smithi, B. Boehmi and a salmon pink (all fairly young), some emperor scorpion adults and their offspring (one finally dropped a couple of weeks ago) along with a few feeding cultures (since I also have a few reptiles).

                Well that's it from me, hope to hear from you soon.



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                  Hi Jason, welcome

                  See you've already found the obsessive side of the hobby, and it don't stop either !!!

                  Don't forget to learn what you can, when you can, where you can.

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                    Hi my name is Mitchell, and i'm 18 years old. My nationality is Dutch.
                    Off course my hobby is collecting and breeding birdspiders.Still working on the breeding part. At this moment My T. apophysis and H.lividum are most likely too be pregnant.
                    I've bin in the hobby for almost 2 and a half years now an here's my current list.

                    Avicularia versicolor 0.0.1
                    Brachypelma boehmei 0.1.0
                    Brachypelma smithi 1.0.0
                    Brachypelma vagans 0.1.0
                    Ceratogyrus bechuanicus 0.1.3
                    Chilobrachys andersoni 0.0.2
                    Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens 0.1.0
                    Citharischius crawshayi 0.0.2
                    Ceratogyrus darlingi 0.1.0
                    Haplopelma lividum 1.5.0
                    Haplopelma schmidti 0.0.1
                    Holothele incei 0.0.6
                    Nhandu Chromatus 0.1.0
                    Orphnaecus sp.negros Philippinen 0.0.7
                    Poecilotheria ornata 0.0.1
                    Pterinochilus murinus RCF 0.0.2
                    Selenocosmia crassipes 0.0.1
                    Selenocosmia peerboomii 0.0.5
                    Selenobrachys philpinnus 1.1.5
                    Theraphosa apophysis 1.1.0
                    Theraphosa blondi 0.1.0
                    Thrixopelma ockerti 0.0.1
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                      Hi just wanted to say hello as a new member, im Mark in the UK in the sunny north eas. Im new to spiders ive a brachypelma klassi shes about 2 years old and lovely, so lovely i got a tattoo on my legs. Shes my 2nd spider my 1st was a chilean rose who only last 2 months before dying, i had a post mortum carried out and she had nematode worms.
                      Well im having a look about the site just finding ym way round, hopefully make some new friends


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                        Welcome Mark
                        spider woman at Wilkinsons


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                          Hi Stephanie, Jason, Mitchel and Mark. Welcome to the forum

                          Its a great place to be for help and advice. Enjoy.

                          Give me all your Avics !!!!!


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                            Hello all.

                            I am Tara, and have been interested in spiders, but I had a terrible fear for most of my life. But recently I have started to see them in different lights, they are kinda cute . Me and my boyfriend got our first tarantula yesterday, a b.smithi who we have called Garrett.
                            My fear seems to have melted away, and has now been replaced with fasination!

                            But this was an introduction to me, nice to meet you all and it seems very friendly around here hehe!



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                              Welcome Tara and everyone else
                              spider woman at Wilkinsons


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                                hello everyone

                                i have been into spidres for about ten years now
                                At the moment i have got a mexican red knee and a guyanan pink toe ,i will soon be adding a brazillan black and an antilles pink toe ,if it was just my choice i would have the room full of theese wonderful creatures